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Safety Assemssment Report Card

E & B Safety Consulting will attend at your facility to conduct an assessment of your Safety Department. You will be provided with your score in a report card type format. Summary of findings will be provided along with any potential problems we might envision and our recommendations on how to increase your score by reducing your risk in specific areas.

Companies will be "scored" in terms of their regulatory compliance and adherence to industry best practices. This type of assessment assists a company owner or safety manager to quantify performance and to easily track improvement/deterioration with compliance issues within the Safety Department.

During the assessment, the following key areas will be discussed:

  • Company Policies and Procedures
    • On-road safety performance for Ontario and US tracked and monitored
    • Progressive Disciplinary policy in place and proof of it being used
    • Documentation organized and easy to reference
    • Use of Driver's manual for training
    • Tracking of expiration dates (drivers & vehicles)
    • Licence verification every 90 days
  • Driver Qualification/Employee Training
    • Driver Qualification files
      • Application
      • Reference Checks
      • Abstracts at hire
      • Proof of Road Test
    • Use of New Hire Checklist, appropriate forms
    • Proof of training at hire, remedial training used
  • o Hours of Service Monitoring
    • Tracking receipt of all driver logs
    • Formalized log audit process in place
    • Log audit process includes daily limits, weekly cycle and verification of all applicable time markers
    • Log audit findings reviewed with drivers in timely basis
  • Vehicle Maintenance files
    • Appropriate documentation in file
    • Written Policies in place and compliance with same
    • File Maintenance in terms of DVIRs and 2 yr file
    • Paper trail complete for roadside defects
  • Collision Reporting
    • Tracking of all collisions on record
    • Collision registry in place and current
    • Proof of internal Investigation
    • File Maintenance
  • Conviction Reporting
    • Tracking of all convictions on record
    • Conviction registry in place and current
    • Proof of company response/disciplinary action
    • File Maintenance
  • Drug & Alcohol Files
    • Written D & A policy in place and drivers sign off
    • Previous employer's information
    • Evidence of pre-employment drug testing
    • D & A file maintenance
    • Proof that driver is part of random pool